New Outlet Hoarding




September 2019


Mayank Soni

Gurugram – SGF

As the creative force behind SGF’s new outlet in Gurugram, India, we knew we had to make a big impression. That’s why we created a stunning mural banner to welcome diners and showcase SGF’s brand values in a bold and memorable way.

Drawing inspiration from Gurugram’s cultural heritage and playful name as a place of gurus, we crafted a colorful and modern graphic that would capture the attention of passersby. The design features SGF’s branding prominently, ensuring that diners would recognize the restaurant’s identity at a glance.

But this mural is more than just a pretty face – it’s a reflection of SGF’s commitment to quality and innovation. By incorporating local elements in a fresh and unexpected way, we aimed to communicate SGF’s passion for food and it dedication to creating unique dining experiences.

And judging by the response from diners and the community, we’ve succeeded in our mission. The mural has become a beloved landmark in Gurugram, drawing in customers and creating a buzz around SGF’s delicious offerings.

At Pixelarise, we’re proud to have played a role in bringing SGF’s vision to life through this stunning mural banner. We believe that great design can elevate a brand and create a lasting impact – and this mural is a shining example of that philosophy in action.