Food Menu Design


Xero Degrees


Feb 2024


Mayank Soni

Food Menu – Xero Degrees

For Xero Degrees, we at Pixelarise were not just designing a food menu; we were crafting a culinary narrative. Every page of this menu is a vibrant chapter that speaks volumes of the flavorsome journey Xero Degrees promises its patrons. We made sure that the menu was not just a list but an invitation to a feast for the senses.

As you open the menu, you are greeted with a burst of color and life that mirrors the eclectic vibe of Xero Degrees’ offerings. The sections—Fries, Pizza, Momos, and more—are not just categories but destinations, each with its own distinct personality, brought to life through vivid graphics and mouth-watering images. The dishes are presented not merely as options but as must-have experiences, with highlighted “new” items beckoning the adventurous at heart.

We understood that this menu needed to be as dynamic and engaging as the dishes themselves. Hence, we chose illustrations that are as bold and flavorful as the garlic bread and as comforting as the classic penne. The typography is playful yet readable, ensuring that the excitement of the visuals does not overshadow the clarity of the offerings.

Turning the page brings a new delight, with Appetisers, Tacos, and an array of Shakes each vying for attention. The imagery is meticulously chosen to tantalize, to whisper of crunch and savor, of refreshment and indulgence. The pricing is clearly presented, inviting diners to indulge without hesitation.

Our cover design sets the stage for the feast within. It’s a jubilant homage to the diner—a character basking in the joy of good food, good company, and the good times that Xero Degrees is known for. It’s more than a menu; it’s a reflection of the Xero Degrees ethos—where dining is a celebration, and every meal is an occasion.

This menu is a testament to Pixelarise’s commitment to elevating a brand’s storytelling through design. It’s not just about making an impression; it’s about creating a connection, a moment of delight, and a longing for the next visit even before the last bite is savored. With this menu, Xero Degrees doesn’t just serve food; it serves memories, and we are proud to be the artists behind this canvas of flavors.