Drizzln’ Cafe


Setember 2023


Mayank Soni

Brand Identity Design

Amidst the urban hustle, Drizzln’ Cafe stands as a sanctuary of calm and creativity, brought to life through the visionary brand identity crafted by Pixelarise. Every design element, from the captivating logo to the meticulously chosen color palette, patterns, and stationery, embodies the cafe’s dedication to quality, comfort, and fostering community connections.


Pixelarise’s creation of the Drizzln’ Cafe’s brand identity is a masterful display of elegance and vitality, reflecting the cafe’s unique character. Every component, from the fluid logo to the harmonious colors, patterns, and stationery, echoes a brand rich in innovation, vitality, and a profound community bond.

Central to the brand is the logo, an artful portrayal of the cafe’s effervescent charm. This keystone of the brand identity combines contemporary grace with timeless design, drawing the eye with its graceful contours and lush, soothing colors that convey an inviting venue for rejuvenating breaks and heartfelt chats.

The chosen color palette is a deliberate homage to the cafe’s vibe, selected to stir feelings of warmth, zest, and ingenuity. The vividness of fresh green and the depth of wine red, set against the subtlety of creamy beige and the strength of near black, weave a visual tapestry as inviting as the cafe’s ambiance.

Patterns are significant in branding, serving here as a narrative of variety and unity, reflecting the cafe’s melting pot ethos. The design is more than mere decoration; it symbolizes Drizzln’ Cafe’s dedication to unifying diverse elements into an alluring and integrated pattern.

The brand’s heartbeat is felt in social media, where Drizzln’ Cafe’s ethos vibrates beyond the tangible walls of the cafe. Pixelarise has crafted a digital experience that is as tangible and welcoming as the cafe itself, with templates designed to be engaging, dynamic, and irresistibly shareable.

In developing Drizzln’ Cafe’s brand identity, Pixelarise has not simply crafted a visual statement but has woven the very soul of the cafe into it. It’s an identity that resonates with the clientele, inviting them into an ambiance where every detail is curated to enhance their experience with a touch of serenity and a dash of sophistication.