The Buzzed Cafe


August 2023


Mayank Soni

Brand Identity Design

Pixelarise’s work on The Buzzed Cafe’s brand identity is a harmonious blend of vibrancy and sophistication, a visual symphony that speaks volumes about the cafe’s essence. Each aspect of the design, from the intricate logo to the choice of colors, patterns, and stationery, is a testament to a brand that values innovation, energy, and a sense of community.


At the heart lies the logo, a multifaceted emblem that reflects the cafe’s dynamic atmosphere. This cornerstone of the brand’s identity is both modern and timeless, capturing the eye with its geometric intricacies and rich, warm hues that suggest a welcoming space for lively conversation and relaxation.

The color palette is an intentional celebration of the cafe’s spirit, carefully chosen to evoke a sense of warmth, energy, and creativity. The boldness of bright red and coral orange, balanced with deep brown, turquoise, and burgundy, craft a visual experience that is as delicious as the cafe’s offerings.

Patterns play a pivotal role in branding, and here they tell a story of diversity and connection, a nod to the cafe’s role as a melting pot for ideas and cultures. The tessellation is not just a background; it’s a symbol of the cafe’s commitment to bringing together different pieces to create a cohesive and beautiful whole.

Social media is where the brand truly comes alive, engaging with customers in a dialogue that extends beyond the cafe’s physical walls. Pixelarise has ensured that The Buzzed Cafe’s digital presence is as palpable and inviting as its brick-and-mortar counterpart, creating templates that are fun, fresh, and utterly shareable.

The stationery design further cements the brand’s reputation for attention to detail and quality. From business cards to letterheads, each piece is a promise in paper form—a promise of a brand that prizes professionalism as much as it does personality.

In crafting The Buzzed Cafe’s brand identity, Pixelarise has not only created a visual identity but has also encapsulated the essence of the cafe’s experience. It’s a brand identity that doesn’t just speak to the customers; it sings to them, inviting them into a world where every detail is curated to enrich their daily lives with a buzz of joy and a splash of color.